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Flight over Clevedon 2005


In March 1997 I visited Clevedon on the Avon coast of the Bristol Channel and spent three days making drawings. I was working with four other painters engaged likewise, this being the first of the open-air workshops of the Sharing a View group established by one of us, Tim Cousins, late the previous year. The others in the group were Denis Bowen, Peter Davies and Germaine Dolan, and we had chosen Clevedon on account of Peter Lanyon having worked there in 1964, shortly before his death.

During our visit the airspace was dominated by gulls - screaming in the rain, coasting over the foreshore and mustering where something edible might be found.

These linocuts (each 20x30cm), made eight years later, are attempts to recall the Clevedon experience. Some of them are in part derived from work made by others in the group, and one acknowledges a drawing by Lanyon.

Between the Iron Legs
Over Incoming Tide
Solo Fllight along the Seafront Around the Pierhead
Over the Flat Rocks
Over the Shingle




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