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The Linocuts

Somewhere in his diaries, the late theatre critic Kenneth Tynan passes on a comment made to him that “the realization that what you are doing has huge limitations is in itself intensely liberating”. I find a great deal of truth in this statement.

In these linocuts I have used only one colour, mostly the same sized piece of lino, and mostly only a single cutting tool. Within these constraints a wide range of image-making seems possible...

Making images this way is sometimes regarded as a low-tech activity, presumably through its association with art classes during school years. It is in fact one of the most unforgiving and unfudgeable media there is, even more so than watercolour. Every detail of every step counts, everything finally shows; only very minor post-printing modifications are possible. It is sometimes necessary to repeat a block several times before an image ‘comes out right’. And even then one never knows exactly how it’s going to turn out.

These linocuts are obviously studio-based, but are derived from drawings made on-site, outside. I prefer to work in series: City of London, New York, Deptford Creek. Clevedon, Harlech morfa, and so on. In that way I can get better dug-in. The prints are made on 300g/m² paper.

Cuillin Bantock
June 2022

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