Cuillin Bantock



Paintings - Acrylic on cotton duck (from 2012)

Paintings - Oil on board (2020-2022)

Paintings - Watercolours on paper

Morfa Harlech Studies - Conté drawings

Forty One Approaches to a View

The linocuts

Recollections of Barnt Green 1942-1955

Bounty: A case of preposterous optimism


Principal exhibitions



Workshops & lectures

A spot on the wall (2005)

A spot on the wall (Postscript 2022)





1. In Defence of Reality 1994
Catalogue Essay for Made in Greenwich 1974 – 1994  for  Greenwich Artists’ Studios Association; final exhibition (30pp).

2. Two Painters 1998
Exhibition Essay

3.  30+ 1999
Catalogue Essay for four painters (4pp).

4. The Poetics of Colour and Space 1999
Catalogue Essay for one painter (3pp).

5. Disruptive Tendencies 2001
Catalogue Essay for one painter (13pp)

6. Letter to Artichoke 2004

7. Bounty – A Case of Preposterous Optimism 2007.
Two catalogue essays: Voyage (1p) and A Nice Point in Time (2pp)

8. Essay for Painters on McLean
in John McLean. Ian Collins, pub Lund Humphries 2009

9. Yes, but I don't know why
Catalogue essay for Geoffrey Rigden retrospective at Poussin Gallery 2012

10. Cabbages and Kings
Selected Essays 1994-2016 (40pp)

11. Never Lukewarm
Recollections of Granville and Helena Bantock 2012. EM Publishing (60pp)

12. A Musical Wanderer
The later years of Granville Bantock 2018. EM Publishing (220pp)

13. Selected Paintings 2012 - 2016.
APT Publishing (30pp)

14. Selected Paintings 2017-2019.
APT Publishing (32pp)

15. Hiraeth: Morfa Harlech - Selected Studies 2019.
APT Publishing (40pp)

16. Clyde and APT. In A Path through dark and light 2019.
APT Publishing (2pp)

17. Traethdy - the Story of a House 2020. (162pp)

18. Landscapes in the Grain - Recollections of a Zoologist-Painter 73pp. 2021. Available on Amazon Worldwide.

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