Cuillin Bantock



Paintings - Acrylic on cotton duck (from 2012)

Paintings - Oil on board (2020-2022)

Paintings - Watercolours on paper

Morfa Harlech Studies - Conté drawings

Forty One Approaches to a View

The linocuts

Recollections of Barnt Green 1942-1955

Bounty: A case of preposterous optimism


Principal exhibitions



Workshops & lectures

A spot on the wall (2005)

A spot on the wall (Postscript 2022)




Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum: Continuity in Painting 1995

Woodlands Art Gallery, London: Abstract Painting 1995

Saskatchewan Invitational Artists’ Workshop, Canada (Emma Lake) 2000

Triangle Artists’ Workshop, New York 2000

The Cemlyn Gallery, Harlech: A Sense of Place 2002 (component of Harlech Biennale)

APT Gallery, Introduction to Linocuts 2006

APT Gallery, “Don’t Shoot Albatrosses” 2007

Outside Cabin 16 at the Emma Lake Workshops, 1959 & 2000

I was invited to the Workshop by the Canadian painter Scott Plear, one of the organisers. Without telling me why, he not only arranged that I was allocated the same forest-cabin that Barnett Newman had used in 1959, but also took this photograph from below the steps outside.



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